Majors and Minors

Wesleyan offers undergraduate degrees in 29 major and 28 minor academic programs, as well as eight pre-professional programs. Students also have the opportunity to self-design their own major, combining two or more interdisciplinary major programs. Because Wesleyan students are advised individually by faculty mentors, a large number of students are able to double-major. Undergraduate courses are offered during the day and evening. If you are interested in engineering as a major, ask about our dual-degree partnerships with Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, and Mercer University in Macon. 

26 percent of Wesleyannes who graduate with a double majorThe Major Program 
At Wesleyan, you can declare a major as early as your first semester of freshman year or as late as second semester of sophomore year. All major programs consist of at least 27 hours and consist of introductory courses, which lay a foundation; intermediate courses that provide depth and breadth of knowledge; and a capstone experience, to tie it all together. You can find courses not included as part of specific major and minor listings (German, Chinese, Japanese, American Studies, Health & Physical Education, etc.) in our academic catalogue.

Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Majors 
If you’re not content to stay within the “traditional” major offerings, no worries – plenty of Wesleyan women design their own programs. Self-designed majors usually interrelate at least two fields of study with one overarching theme. You’ll work closely with the Wesleyan faculty to design your program (and yes, this is considered a privilege, so you should be in excellent academic standing if you’re thinking about a self-designed major).

The Minor Program 
Minors aren’t required at Wesleyan, but many students do choose to study a second discipline. To get credit for your minor, you must maintain at least a “C” (2.0) average and must meet all curricular requirements as set by the department.

Pre-Professional Programs
If you already have a career path in mind, Wesleyan offers a number of pre-professional programs designed to really focus your preparation for graduate or professional school. These include: Pre-EngineeringPre-MedicinePre-DentalPre-Veterinary Medicine, and Allied Health ServicesPre-Law; and Pre-Seminary, and Pre-Pharmacy.