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Admissions Process

Throughout its history, Wesleyan College has enjoyed a strong relationship with international students and welcomes their applications. The Office of International Student Services is available to help with all international students’ needs, from maintaining legal status to transitioning to college life in America. International applicants must submit the following:

  • A Wesleyan College application Apply Online for FREE!
  • Official high school and/or college transcripts (in English and adapted to the 4.0 American grade scale.
  • SAT or ACT scores (Wesleyan’s identification codes are: SAT 5895; ACT 0876.)
    • OR The Wesleyan College Admission Committee will waive this requirement f you can demonstrate strong academic achievement at a rigorous high school or through programs such as International Baccalaureate or Cambridge A-levels.
    • Transfer students with more than 24 college credit hours who wish to be considered for admission do not have to submit test scores or high school transcript.
  • Teacher and School Counselor recommendations are optional, but strongly recommended.
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores, if English is not your native language , you did not go to an English speaking high school, or you have not completed at least 24 hours of study at an English speaking post-secondary school.
    • OR You can demonstrate English competency through Wesleyan College’s written and oral assessments. 
  • VISA Documents: An International Student Certificate of Finance, bank statement, and a copy of a valid passport.
    • The International Student Certificate of Finance must be supplemented with bank or other financial institution records. It must also show the student, family, and/or sponsor’s ability to pay for the cost of attendance at Wesleyan College throughout the four years of attendance. The Certificate of Finance must show available funds for the cost of attendance before the I-20 is issued.
  • Deposit: If admitted, the student must remit the required $400 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is refundable until May 1st. 

Note: Qualified students whose English is not strong enough to succeed immediately at Wesleyan may enroll in our summer WRI 100 ELL course to strengthen their English skills or take an ELL course(s) at another institution while living in a Wesleyan College residence hall. Students should consult with Wesleyan admissions staff about local ELL options.

If you have any questions please contact the Wesleyan College Office of Admission at

International students are eligible for Wesleyan’s merit scholarships For example, students who graduate from IB diploma or career-related programs with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher will receive a President’s Scholarship, and students who earn the IB diploma or complete the career-related program will receive the Trustee Scholarship. Consult your admissions counselor for more information.
While international students may be considered for merit scholarships, they are ineligible for most need-based forms of financial aid. Before an I-20 form can be issued, admitted students must demonstrate the financial wherewithal to cover Wesleyan's costs and complete all required medical forms. On the date that new students move into residence halls, the balance for comprehensive fees is by the due date established by the College and is to be paid by check or money order drawn on an American bank. International high school graduates may be required to provide verification of their high school transcript and supporting documents, if requested. Contact the Office of Enrollment Services for information regarding credential evaluation agencies.



Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall 2018:

April 2nd - Registration Deadline
August 13th - Class Start



International Student ProgramS

One of the largest clubs on campus is AXIS, the international student organization. Students from all over the world are represented, and all are welcome to join! AXIS hosts several events throughout the year, including an International Festival. AXIS is a place for international students to gather with their peers and learn about other cultures.

The Wesleyan College Friendship Families Program links international students with local families to share their cultures. Through activities with their Friendship Families, students learn about American culture and life in Macon. In turn, the families gain a greater understanding of world cultures. Learn more here.

The Office of International Student Services plans programs for international students throughout the year. Trips to international markets and festivals, sporting events, and other cultural events get students out into the community for fun activities, and something exciting is happening on campus every single day.

To find out more about our program first tell us who you are. Are you a New Student or a Current Student?

For questions please contact



Tonya Parker, Dean of Diversity and Inclusion posing with GZ Student

Wesleyan College and Guangzhou University Dual-Degree Program.

In 2014, Wesleyan College established a dual-degree program with Guangzhou University (Guangzhou, PRC) for qualified female students from China. Dual-degree students complete their first year of study at Guangzhou University and their second year of study at Wesleyan College, including two summer terms. They return to Guangzhou University for their third and fourth years of study. Through this rigorous program, students complete all requirements for graduation from Wesleyan College and Guangzhou University in order to earn degrees from both institutions. Students are admitted to Guangzhou University for majors in business administration, economics, or psychology through the Chinese GAOKAO admission process. Interviews will be used prior to matriculation at Guangzhou University to assess the student's overall English proficiency, leadership qualities, and overall academic ability. Students should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 1-800-447-6610 or for questions related to the second year of study at Wesleyan College. Dual-degree students in the program between Guangzhou University and Wesleyan College will be admitted by Wesleyan College at the time they are admitted by Guangzhou University contingent upon the following:

  • Application for Admission: Complete an application for admission to the Wesleyan College study abroad portion of the dual-degree program by October. Complete all parts of the international application form and mail to: Wesleyan College; Office of Enrollment Services; 4760 Forsyth Road; Macon, GA 31210-4462. We prefer that you apply online at
  • Transcripts and Test Scores: Applicants must submit GAOKAO scores and an English-language high school transcript. Applicants will send their English-language transcripts and GAOKAO scores to Wesleyan College using the China Higher Education Student Information & Career Center (CHESICC) at
  • VISA Documents: The application must include an International Student Certificate of Finance, bank statement, and a copy of a valid passport.
  • Interview: Students must successfully pass an interview with Wesleyan College and Guangzhou University staff.
  • Deposit: Once admitted, the student is required to submit a $5,000 deposit by October 15. The balance of tuition, room and board is due by June 1.

Continuing in the program:


  • Students must adhere to all policies and procedures of Wesleyan College when studying in the United States and all policies and procedures of Guangzhou University when studying in China.
  • Students must demonstrate successful academic progress during their first year at Guangzhou University with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Students enrolled in the Guangzhou/Wesleyan College Dual-Degree program will send their transcripts to Wesleyan College using the China Higher Education Student Information & Career Center (CHESICC) at Submission of an English-language Verification Report of China Higher Education Student’s Academic Transcript should be sent twice, using the timeline below. Students are responsible for the cost of the transcripts.
    • End of First Year at Guangzhou: Send the transcript only after final grades have been posted.
    • After Completion of Thesis: Send the transcript only after final grades have been posted.
  • At the conclusion of the study abroad portion of the dual-degree program at Wesleyan College, students will request a transcript from the Registrar at Wesleyan College to be sent to Guangzhou University. Students are responsible for the cost of the transcript.
  • Once all degree requirements are met, Wesleyan College will confer the baccalaureate degree upon its dual-degree graduates. The degree will be conferred during the August commencement ceremony in Macon, Georgia. A separate ceremony will take place at Guangzhou University. Transcripts must be received two weeks prior to the August commencement ceremony in order for a degree to be conferred.
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Calendar of Events

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