Evening Program

Because we understand the demands placed upon working women, we've designed our Evening Program with women like you in mind. Our Evening Program gives you the flexibility you need to work and learn. Wesleyan offers flexible scheduling (one- or two-night per week courses), faculty mentors, writing and math labs, expanded support services, and personalized admissions, registration and financial aid services.

To be eligible to receive an undergraduate degree in business administration from Wesleyan College, you must take the last 30 semester hours of your program at Wesleyan. You can earn a second degree from Wesleyan by taking only required major courses if you already hold a bachelor of arts degree from an accredited institution.

2016-2017 Tuition: $415 per semester hour plus a $40 Wesleyan Experience Fee per credit hour.

For more information about our Evening Program contact Karen Kitchens at evening@wesleyancollege.edu or at (478) 757-5180.