Interactivity Foundation, Wesleyan College announce WISEe-IF classroom initiative

Interactivity Foundation, Wesleyan College announce WISEe-IF classroom initiative

The nonprofit Interactivity Foundation (IF) and Wesleyan College have announced a two-year initiative to incorporate interactive, student-centered discussion processes into first-year seminar courses.   

The two organizations will collaborate to reimagine the Wesleyan Integrated Seminar (WISe), a first-year course required of all Wesleyan students, using ideas and techniques from IF.   

“We believe the program could have a significant impact on student success, retention, and the college as a whole,” said IF Vice President Jeff Prudhomme, Ph.D. “This could become a model for other schools to replicate.”   

Since 2006, IF has been training and supporting faculty in the United States and abroad to use its innovative small-group discussion process; the Wesleyan initiative represents the first time IF has introduced the method to students university-wide. The courses, which will be led by professors from across disciplines, will begin later this year and extend to 2013.   

“Our WISe courses are the foundation of a Wesleyan education,” said Matthew R. Martin, Ph.D., an English professor and co-director of the WISe-IF initiative. “We’re thankful to IF for the energy, ideas, and resources they’re contributing to keep Wesleyan a place where engaged, inquisitive, and articulate women can come to learn and grow.”   

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College Vivia Fowler called the Wesleyan-IF partnership exciting and forward-thinking. “We want to both open people’s minds to the possibilities of the world around us and help them develop their voices in making those possibilities a reality.”   

About the Interactivity Foundation:
The Interactivity Foundation is a Parkersburg, W.Va-based nonprofit dedicated to expanding and enhancing public thinking about public matters through a collaborative and exploratory discussion process. IF’s education arm introduces faculty to new pedagogies while teaching students the democratic process and 21st-century life skills.